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Frequently Asked Questions

Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to the mobile mammogram bus. If you have any questions that are not answered, contact: Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography (TBMM) at 813-601-1925, or

Q: How much does the mammogram cost?

A: TBMM bills ALL major insurance directly as a preventative (well woman) visit typically covered at 100% if you meet the age and time frame eligibility.

Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography provides 3D at no extra charge.

For uninsured, Self-pay is $150 total for the 3D mammogram, Radiologist report and CD.

Q: Who will be administering the onsite mammogram clinic?

A: Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography certified mammographers with 20+ years of experience will be administering the mammograms. They can be reached at 813-601-1925 or through their website if you have questions.

Q: Do I need a prescription?

A: Women 40 and older do Not need a prescription or referral. Under 40 requires a prescription from your doctor.

Q: Who is eligible to receive a mammogram?

A: Any female that is 40 or older (under 40, you may receive a screening if you have a prescription from your doctor), and has not received a screening mammogram within the past year. This will be considered your annual well women screening mammogram.

School District insurance allows 1 mammogram per calendar year, and we asked that it be 10 months from your last mammogram. So School District insurance patients are 1 per calendar year and 10 months from last mammogram.

You are NOT considered eligible if you have been treated for breast cancer within the past 5 years, are currently experiencing symptoms in your breasts, or if you are currently pregnant or haven’t stopped breastfeeding for 5 months. If you have further questions regarding your eligibility, please call 813-601-1925.

Q: How long will it take for my mammogram?

A: Appointments can take as little as 10 minutes if you bring your completed Pre-Registration Forms, found on the Schedule Appointment page of our website.

Q: What if I am not a current patient of an OB/GYN or primary care doctor?

A: You would not be eligible for a mammogram if you are not a current patient of an OB/GYN or primary care doctor. We suggest you call your insurance provider to be assigned a doctor prior to your appointment.

School District employees that are in a District with Health & Wellness Centers may use a Center as their doctor. Please notify the Center that you will have your mammogram sent to them.

Q: How long will it take for my mammogram?

A: Appointments can take as little as 10 minutes if you bring your completed Pre-Registration Forms, found on the Schedule Appointment page of our website.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Please bring your insurance card and Pre-Registration Forms. If you are under 40 bring the required prescription from your doctor. We provide wipes and deodorant on the bus, but you may want to bring your own.

Q: What should I wear?

A: A two piece outfit is recommended for convenience. Wipes and spray deodorant is provided on the bus, or bring your own.

Q: What if I never received a mammogram before?

A: If you meet the eligibility requirements, you are able to receive a mammogram screening. These films will be considered your baseline and what you can use to compare future mammograms.

Q: What about implants, reductions and nipple rings?

A: All are OK. We won’t “pop” implants, we do hundreds a year. You do not need to remove nipple rings.

Q: Can I have a copy of my images? Will they be sent to my doctor’s office?

A: A letter with your results will be sent automatically to the address you provide within 30 days. A copy of your report will be mailed to your doctor’s office that you provide during registration within 30 days. “Abnormal” scans will be sent to you on CD with your results, and an additional report will be faxed to your doctor. You and your doctor will be called by Tampa Bay Mobile Mammography to notify you of an abnormal result encouraging you to make a follow up appointment with your doctor.

Only 10% of those with abnormal results need further care. However, it is very important you follow up with your doctor to determine next steps to protect you.

Q: Are walk-ins welcome?

A: Yes, but appointments in advance will have priority. Appointments are suggested for the time that best fits your schedule. Please enter your appointment on your personal calendar.

Q: How do I sign up to receive an onsite mammogram?

A: Please follow the steps below to receive an onsite mammogram.

  • Go to
  • Click “Schedule Appointment”
  • Select your company or school from the drop down
  • Select an appointment time
  • Fill in the required information

You will receive a confirmation email immediately, and a reminder 24 hours in advance of your appointment.

Please use your personal email, and check your junk / spam folder if you don’t see the confirmation email. Please add your appointment time to your personal calendar.

We will use your personal email and cell phone to send you a reminder so please provide that information accurately. We do not use any information for marketing other than to remind you of your appointment, or that it is due the following year.

If you need to change or cancel your appointment, click the link at the bottom of your confirmation email. Your appointment will be cancelled when the link is clicked.

To reschedule, follow the above instructions as if scheduling for the first time. Or contact, 813-601-1925.

Q: Where can I find more information to make my appointment more comfortable?

A: Download the Pre-registration Form to complete before your visit, and find out more information on our Preparing for Your Mammogram page.

When detected early, breast cancer has a nearly 100% survival rate. Annual mammograms offer early detection. 3D may provide early detection earlier.


Only screening mammograms (routine, annual exams for women with no current breast problems) are offered by our mobile mammography coach. If you are under 40 you would need a prescription from your physician for a screening mammogram. Ages 40+ no prescription is required. If you currently have concerns regarding your breast health (i.e. a lump you can feel, nipple discharge, pain, dimpling of the breast or nipple changes) please contact your physician immediately.